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  • Less than desirable vintage watches can suddenly become very collectible overnight. Luke Rottman shares his list of underrated makers that may become very desirable among the collector's community tomorrow.

Written by: Luke RottmanFounder and Executive Editor of The Watch Adviser

According to many of the "original" high-end watch dealers, the Rolex Daytona underwent a major transformation in the 1980's. Initially, it was a relatively undervalued, run-of-the-mill watch. Shortly thereafter, the Daytona became an incredibly sought-after wristwatch that commanded a premium over all other vintage sports chronographs; this change occurred seemingly overnight. 

This circumstance epitomizes a lesser-desirable watch suddenly becoming a highly-collectible, appreciable watch. Most recently, Universal Geneve, Longines and Omega have exhibited this distinction. My questions is, what watches (and brands) can be categorized as potentially promising investments as time progresses and our tastes evolve? Now before I jump to conclusions and address you with my usual "Rolex and Patek are blue-chip brands, don't buy anything else," let's delve into unchartered waters and explore some watches and brands that, although underrated today, will be treasured tomorrow.  

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