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  • Michael Alden, founder of The London Lounge - shares his humour and wisdom when first entering the world of bespoke. Spoiler: start with the shirt.

Written by: Michael AldenFounder of The London Lounge + The London Lounge Cloth Club 

Oscar Wilde has one of his more earnest characters remark that "a well tied tie is the first serious step in life." 

That may well be, but the first serious step in bespoke tailoring is a well cut shirt. How often do I see men with no cuff showing or sheets of it in view casting accusatory glances at their innocent tailors when the cut of the shirt is at fault and neither the coat nor its maker? And what is to be said about men who wear off the rack shirts that do not fit and wonder why their fine bespoke jacket is wrinkled and untidy? Or into what infernal bolgia will be cast the man who wants a tailor to cut a coat to fit all of his shirts when all of his shirts are all over the globe in terms of measures, fit and sleeve length?

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  • Peter Chong introduces the uninitiated the finer points of what makes a bespoke suit--covering the differences between ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, and true bespoke.
  • Peter is a well-known evangelist of the sartorial arts, and is also one of the world's most respected watch collectors.

Written by: Peter ChongFounder of Deployant  + Columnist for Luxury Insider + Head of A. Lange & Sohne forum on TimeZone.com
Photography by: Dominic Khoo
Originally published by: Luxury Insider

What makes a bespoke Suit

The term 'bespoke' - derived from the word 'bespeak', refers to the act of the customer speaking for a bolt of cloth (i.e. the cloth is now 'spoken for') and specifying his requirements to his cutter. Everything can be specified. This is a dialogue between the customer and his cutter, and ensures that the suit is made to fit the individual and not the other way round.A bespoke suit is to be contrasted with Ready to Wear, and Made to Measure suits, and a brief description of the latter two will be given by way of comparison.

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Sep 23 2015
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